Mobile Photography Challenge: “Show Us Your 30″

The Museum of Photographic Arts (MOPA) in San Diego, California just launched an exciting mobile photography challenge. more

Silicon Barrio: Exploring Civic Technology on Barcelona’s Streets

 During my recent trip to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2013, I had the opportunity to get a close-up tour of 22@Barcelona, the new-ish tech business center for the city. The event, Barcelona City WalkShop, was or more

MLOVE ConFestival USA 2013 – Speaker Lineup

We are happy to announce the speakers for MLOVE ConFestival USA 2013! Connected cars, Internet of things, wearables and immersive experiences will be one of the big themes at MLOVE ConFestival USA. more

The future is shared … and green.

Rasheq Zarif of Mercedes-Benz Business Innovations will be at MLOVE ConFestival to highlight the undeniable impacts of collaborative consumption, the idea of car sharing and other mobility concepts. more

Win a Flight to Europe & free ConFestival Tickets

MLOVE has launched a startup competition with a chance for five winning startups to present their pitch at MLOVE ConFestival Monterey, CA from April 24 to 26. more

Mobile World Congress 2013 MLOVE TV Interview Ran Avidan, StartApp

Ran Avidan from StartApp was talking to MLOVE TV about mobile advertising, the free mobile applications for the best user experience and how people consume more entertainment from mobile than from PC´s. more

Ego! Smartmouse going to change interaction

Just three more days and Laura Sapiens will be proud to finalize its Kickstarter campaign for Ego! Smartmouse, the first personal device that allows people to interact with every computer, move freely from one to another more

Mobile World Congress 2013 MLOVE TV Interview Claudio Cossio, Interesante

Claudio Cossio from Interesante was talking to MLOVE TV at Mobile World Congress 2013. He share to us his vision of more affordable and more powerful phones for emerging markets and how this will impact their lives. As w more

Mobile World Congress 2013 MLOVE TV Interview Alexandra Miltsina, SPB TV

Alexandra Miltsina from SPB TV talk to MLOVE TV about her experience in MWC 2013 and how the new technology as complex as it is, now become reachable to the consumers in a great atmosphere. more

Mobile World Congress 2013 MLOVE TV Interview Guillem Camprodon, Fab Lab

Guillem Camprodon from Fab Lab talk to MLOVE TV about the smart citizens. He explains how we can empower the citizens, to build their own smarcitiy, for example creating their own Databank of how the enviroment works. more