MLOVE ConFestival Europe 2012 – Speaker Lineup

2012 MLOVE Castle Beesenstedt

We are happy to announce the first speakers for MLOVE ConFestival Europe 2012

Africa, Art & Culture, Communication and New-TV are some of the mobile themes that MLOVE highlights at the ConFestival Europe 2012.

The event exposes the mobile industry to the best minds outside of mobile to maximize the opportunity of creating life-changing services and applications that can impact us all for the better.

Check out our speaker line-up!


2012 MLOVE ConFestival Europe Speaker Mara Balestrini

Mara Balestrini – Futurist & Professor, University Barelona

Mara Balestrini believes that mobile technologies can empower citizens to create in a collaborative way, hack and rethink education, advertising and the media.
She is a futurist and adviser at Ideas for change and researches on transmedia storytelling, HCI and CSCL at GTI.


2012 MLOVE ConFestival Europe Speaker Emma Kaye

Emma Kaye – Founder and CEO, Bozza

Hailing from Zimbabwe, Emma Kaye is the definitive voice of mobile in Africa. Widely recognized as a thought leader in animation and mobility, Kaye’s latest venture,, confirms that mobility has huge socio-economic, educational, commercial, societal and individual significance, especially in Africa.

2012 MLOVE ConFestival Europe Speaker Monty Munford

Monty Munford – Africa Expert, Editor, Founder, Mob 76

He writes regularly on tech, social and Africa for TechCrunch, the Huffington Post and Kernel Mag and has a weekly column for UK broadsheet The Telegraph. He talks on the BBC and was previously a Bollywood actor in India. He blogs at and tweets as @montymunford. He can also be found on Google+ at


2012 MLOVE ConFestival Europe Speaker Chester Santos

Chester Santos – One of the world’s foremost experts on memory training

He’s helped thousands of people around the world to realize the benefits of an improved memory and sharper mind, and has appeared in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, Washington Post, USA Today, PBS, CNN, and various other television, radio, and print media all over the world. Chester is also the 2008 USA National Memory Champion.
He has spoken for groups of CEOs, Fortune 500 companies, and prestigious universities including: the Royal University for Women in Bahrain, the Haas Graduate School of Business in Berkeley, and Harvard University.

2012 MLOVE ConFestival Europe Speaker Jonathan MacDonald

Jonathan MacDonald – Co-Founder, this fluid world

Jonathan MacDonald is a respected thought-leader and entrepreneur in communications. He is the co-founder of business and marketing consultancy, this fluid world which helps organisations achieve superior performance and identify new sources and vehicles of growth.


2012 MLOVE ConFestival Europe Speaker Jessi Baker

Jessi Baker – Designer & Technologist, TBWA/Being

She conducts experiments to explore the relationship between people and emerging technologies. Her work explores a mix of hot topics including the Internet of Things, transparency of information, UX design and the future of branding. Jessi creates working prototypes of innovative scenarios for the design and development of physical and digital experiences, products and services at brand behaviour agency BEING, London (part of the TBWA group) and also at her own studio in London.

2012 MLOVE ConFestival Europe Speaker Mark Curtis

Mark Curtis – Co-Founder & Chief Client Officer, Fjord

Mark was co-founder and CEO of Handmade Mobile, the company behind Flirtomatic, whose mission is to reinvent dating as entertainment for the mobile generation. In 2005 he wrote “Distraction – Being Human in the Digital Age” (Futuretext) about the effects and direction of digital media on society.

New TV

2012 MLOVE ConFestival Europe Speaker Bjoern Woltermann

Björn Woltermann – Vice President Emerging Technologies, Deutsche Telekom

In his current role Björn and his team are productizing new, very innovative technologies and bring them in front of selected markets within 3 months, polish and after that scale or kill them. He does so by working closely with the start up community to find the right partners and solutions and create sustainable win-win relationships between small and big players.

2012 MLOVE ConFestival Europe Speaker Conrad Fritzsch

Conrad Fritzsch, CEO,

Conrad Fritzsch was born on october, 16 1969 in berlin. after finishing his directorial studies at the babelsberg film academy, fritzsch founded the ad agency “fritzsch&mackat” in 1993. In 2008, he founded gmbh – an online music video station. as a managing partner, fritzsch is accountable for the marketing and sales department. when turned into a public company in 2010, conrad fritzsch became CEO.


2012 MLOVE ConFestival Europe Speaker Yuri van Geest

Yuri van Geest – Dutch Ambassador, Singularity University

Yuri van Geest is a passionate professional and entrepreneur on strategy, innovation, mobile internet and Singularity (bio-neuro-nano-AI-robots). He works for Vodafone Group, Philips Global, Samsung, Nokia, MIT, Blackberry and Google within his own company called Trend8. He is co-founder of Vodafone Mobile Clicks, the largest mobile internet startup competition in the world. He is double alumnus of the exclusive Singularity University and FutureMed2011 of NASA and Google HQ in Silicon Valley.

Art, Culture & Photography

2012 MLOVE ConFestival Europe Speaker Nicolas Roope

Nicolas Roope – Creative at Poke & Hulger, Chairman Lovie Awards

Nicolas has always looked beyond industry rhetoric to the inspiring truths of networked media and design; this passion driving his career in the business spanning the last seventeen years. Nicolas founded Antirom, Poke, Hulger and Plumen, all companies of note and all influential and innovative in their respective spheres. All of these endeavours have been recognised by international industry awards and media attention.

2012 MLOVE ConFestival Europe Speaker Benjamin Rabe

Benjamin Rabe – Media Artist

Benjamin Rabe has been included in several national and international art-shows since 2009, showcasing art fully created on mobile devices, aka fingerpaintings. In 2011 he co-organized the the worldwide first appearance of fingerpaintings in a museum, the MK&G in Hamburg and is also part of an international group that organized the first MobileArtConference in New York 2010 and 2011.

2012 MLOVE ConFestival Europe Speaker Ramzi Rizk

Ramzi Rizk – Founder & CTO, EyeEm

Founder and Lead Engineer at EyeEm. Software Architect. Photographer. Pianist. Recovering Academic. Born and raised in Byblos, Lebanon. Moved to Germany in 2003. M.Sc. Software Architecture, Information Systems and Media Technologies at TU Hamburg, PhD Candidate researching Privacy in Social Networks at HU Berlin. Former lecturer at HU Berlin, Institute of Information Systems. Loves simplicity, poetry and a good espresso.


2012 MLOVE ConFestival Europe Speaker Michael Breidenbruecker

Michael Breidenbruecker – Co-founder,

Michael is a serial entrepreneur who co-founded Ltd. and managed the company as ceo from 2002 until 2005. His approach in combining music discovery, online radio and social software was awarded in Europe and the USA and brought the company to the attention of millions of consumers, global media and global players. Michael’s latest venture is Reality Jockey Ltd. which is the publisher of the RjDj mobile applications and the online music portal

MLOVE Team Izzy Lawrence

Izzy Lawrence

Izzy has been making her mark as a TV presenter and new media entertainment blogger, working with some of the biggest brands in the world such as the Grammy’s, Spotify and Smirnoff. Reporting from red carpets, festivals and live events across the globe and totting up page views on her personal blog ( past the 30 million mark in the process.

Mobility & Sustainability

2012 MLOVE ConFestival Europe Speaker Stefan Liske

Stefan Liske – Inovation Designer, Co-Founder PCH Innovations

Stefan Liske is an Innovation Designer with 17 years of industrial & entrepreneurial experience with a strong drive to unleash the trans-disciplinary forces of design, marketing and engineering. Very early he discovered his passion for detecting and breaking with redundant, frozen patterns. And as a project member, line manager, consultant and innovator he became the one questioning petrified business models, processes & structures and offering unusual alternatives.


2012 MLOVE ConFestival Europe Speaker Marguerite Imbert

Marguerite Imbert – Editor-in-Chief, VentureVillage

Marguerite Imbert is Editor-in-Chief of VentureVillage, an online startup magazine covering key emerging tech hubs across Eastern and Western Europe from its headquarters in Berlin. A New York native, she studied journalism at Dartmouth College while apprenticing prominent editors and documentary-makers at Vogue, PBS, and Ogilvy Entertainment.

2012 MLOVE ConFestival Europe Speaker Peter Borchers

Peter Borchers – Head of hub:raum – Telekom Incubator, Deutsche Telekom

Peter Borchers has been an internet and digital media professional for the past 15 years. Peter founded the Berlin-based Entrepreneurs Program, one of Deutsche Telekom’s initial business incubators – as part of the program, he developed and brought it on the market. He previously worked in various management positions at Deutsche Telekom and initiated the Telekom Innovations subsidiary, aimed at accelerating innovative work within the company.

Gabriella Draney – Cofounder and Managing Partner, Tech Wildcatters

Gabriella Draney is Cofounder and Managing Partner of Tech Wildcatters, a Top 10 seed accelerator for technology startups. Most recently she was with HP Growth Partners, an early stage venture fund in Dallas, where she served on the Board of CelAccess. She co-founded an aircraft scheduling software company in 1998 that ended in a profitable exit, then went on to work for Morgan Stanley in private wealth management.

Mike Butcher

Mike Butcher – Editor of TechCrunch Europe

TechCrunch Europe has received numerous industry awards and Mike has been named one of the Top 50 most influential Britons in technology by The Daily Telegraph. He is a regular commentator on the technology business, appearing on BBC News, Sky News, Channel 4 and Bloomberg. Mike is also co-founder, of TechHub, a project to bring European technology entrepreneurs and investors together in a club environment, in London and San Francisco.

Andrew J Scott

Andrew J Scott

Andrew is a serial entrepreneur, most recently Co-Founding Magical Jaguar Inc, a mobile development house and digital consultancy. A passionate advocate of mobile technologies and consumer internet services, Andrew is also a Contributing Editor at Wired Magazine.


2012 MLOVE ConFestival Europe Speaker George Burgess

George Burgess – Founder and Managing Director, EducationApps Limited

George Burgess is the 20 year-old Founder and Managing Director of EducationApps Limited, a UK-based company which creates mobile educational apps. Founded in 2009, EducationApps produces its own branded apps to help students preparing for their exams. The company also works with some of the world’s top academic publishers to bring their content onto mobile devices. These publishers include the BBC, Pearson and Oxford University Press.

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